Gerasimo’s dream

Gerasimo’s dream

I dreamt the two of us sitting in your bedroom.

While we were chatting, you looked at me and said: “Oh boy, everyday I am getting older, I forget things more and more often, I get lost in the streets, I can hardly recognize people around me. What am I going to do from now on?” and you were so sad Grandpa.

I then, held your face in my hands, I gently rested my forehead against yours, I looked at you and I said, “Grandpa, do not worry about it. I am here for you, I will always look after you, I will always help you find your way home and I will never let you alone”.

And as I was looking deep into your eyes, something very strange happened: I saw Mr. Alzheimer waving at me.

I stared at him angrily. What on earth is he doing inside your head?

No matter what Mom had told us about this gentleman, I never liked him.

I kept staring angrily at him, when, all of a sudden I got tiny and I started slipping inside your head Grandpa, and guess who was waiting for me there: Mr. Alzheimer!

“You are very stressed over your Grandpa’s situation, right?” he asked me.

I would very much like to tell him to leave but I know that children always have to be polite to older people. So I answered his question:

“Of course I worry about him, a lot. I cannot understand what is happening to him, and I don’t know what to do to help him. Mom said that Grandpa suffers from a disease, which destroys his mind. But I really don’t understand how the mind can be destroyed. How is that possible?”

— Epi Michi-Zeggou

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